Driving by car from Villarrica towards Pucon, the entrance towards Celestial Inn is to the right, approx 200 mts after the road that goes up to the volcano (Camino al Volcan). The street is called Pedro Schuller and it leads slightly up the hill, parallel to the main road you were on. If you reach the roundabout you have passed the street. Once you're on Pedro Schuller, continue for about 250 mts. You will pass a chestnut tree, which is right in the middle of the road, keep going up the hill and you will find our sign (it will be at your right, you go off the stone road onto a dirt road) and our gate will be there (total distance on this street is about 250 mts from the main road).

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Pedro Schuller 250 - Pucón Chile

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Viniendo desde Villarrica hacia Pucon, la entrada hacia Celestial Inn está a la derecha aproximadamente 200 m. después del Camino al Volcán sobre una calle de tierra llamada Pedro Schuller. Esta calle sube levemente y va paralela al camino Pucon-Villarrica. Si llegan a la rotonda de Pucon, ya se pasaron la calle. Una vez sobre Pedro Schuller empezarán a subir y pasarán un castaño. Sigan subiendo hasta llegar a nuestro letrero que estará a su derecha (siguen recto saliendo del camino de piedra hacia uno de tierra)y encontrarán el portón. La distancia total sobre Pedro Schuller es de 250 m. aprox.  

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